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Ryan Paul Fialcowitz 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 1:30
Ellis' Hat & The Frying Pan - Worth Anything?
I seem to have acquired these at some point but I don't play this game and they're tradeable. So, are they worth anything?

- Ryan Paul Fialcowitz
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{λ³} گοηυ 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 1:47 says the pan is worth 2 or 3 scrap, and Ellis' Cap is worth 1.33 ref. I dunno if anybody would buy them for those prices, though; they're not really sought-after items.
Skintanium 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 2:17 
I wouldn't count on trading them away for something like a game, which I assume is what you're referring to. Not to say it can't be done, its just unlikely since both are not exactly in high demand as mentioned before.
[Always] K-Gamer99 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 2:19 
but i would take both if you dont want them
Ryan Paul Fialcowitz 2013. márc. 9. @ du. 6:54 
Considering the sheer amount of games that sell for a matter of dollars I find it hard to believe they couldn't be traded for a low value game- but what do I know. . .

But they're of no value to me so if someone really wants them get in touch with me.

- Ryan Paul Fialcowitz
Insanity_Wolf ヽ( ≧ω≦)ノ 2013. aug. 17. @ de. 2:01 
If anyone wants a cap then add me, i have one left
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