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Samo 2013年3月2日 14時04分
Bigger Jerk - Sniper or Scout?
who is the biggest jerk to people?
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ACFGamer 2013年3月2日 14時14分 
scout, they can camp around corners and scattergun you
hellbringer715 2013年3月2日 14時15分 
Scout like ACFGamer said
Lapis Lazily 2013年3月2日 14時23分 
♥ Gabilicious ✿ 2013年3月2日 14時26分 
In my opinion, it seems like Scout, not trying to offend anyone who likes the Scout. :P
D. 2013年3月2日 14時29分 
Guy 2013年3月2日 14時29分 
Spy would beat all of them, in terms of personality, it's the scout but that's why we love him :3
Samo 2013年3月2日 14時34分 
lol i like peoples answers.
Felix 2013年3月2日 14時39分 
Sniper. Scout needs skill to play...sniper does not.
♥ Gabilicious ✿ 2013年3月2日 14時40分 
Depends, I need more skill to play as Sniper, rather than as Scout. ._.
Balblair 2013年3月2日 15時18分 
Scout. Just listen to his voicelines.
China man 2013年3月2日 15時37分 
Samo 2013年3月2日 15時44分 
Felix の投稿を引用:
Sniper. Scout needs skill to play...sniper does not.
lol Felix i think that might offend the sniper players in this disscusion :) just saying...
Sentient_Toaster 2013年3月2日 16時18分 
Mind-bogglingly bad players who think they're great and refuse to take advice even after they keep finishing entire rounds with low-single-digit points.
Woobie :3 2013年3月2日 19時44分 
[nWo] Renrir 2013年3月2日 19時45分 
TheAtomicL の投稿を引用:
who is the biggest jerk to people?
Is this about the character himself or the players that play them.
If it was the character then it would be scout without a doubt.
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