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Jadeи 2013年2月24日下午4:20
how lomg do i have to wait to trade items
i have lot of wepons i get from item drops that i already have and it wont let me trade
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DarkCrystalMethod 2013年2月24日下午4:23 
Once you do get the ability to trade you might have a hard time even then...
None of your items are tradeable.
I suspect you are Free2Play. This is one of the limitations.
You do need to have Steam Guard turned on for 15 days (without interruption or the clock starts over) and have purchased something within steam (Including a cheap TF2 hat).
Your journey begins in 15 days. Good luck soldier!
SharkWithALaserBeam 2013年2月24日下午5:00 
you cant youre free
Pokemon™(rev) 2013年2月24日下午5:03 
when free you cant trade but it might be a glich since it always happends to me even if i was preuim
Jadeи 2013年2月24日下午5:34 
WELL that blows
Mucinex 2013年2月24日下午5:37 
引用自 jadedskillz98
WELL that blows
Just go to your local Mann Co. Store and buy something. The lowest price they have is 50 cents.[]
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