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I Require Assistance!
Basic rundown of my situation: I am trying to get the Tux by installing Ubuntu on my Windows 8 computer made by Gateway, or my sister's Windows 7 computer made by Compaq, but errors keep blocking me. Here's some details I have:
Windows 8 computer (Mine):
Ubuntu installation: Done. Used the Windows installer on the Ubuntu website, and everything went smoothly.
Using Ubuntu: Blocked. When I got Ubuntu, I restarted my computer and was told I could not get Ubuntu because a needed file was either damaged or not present. I was told to get a repair CD, and I don't know what it is or where to find it. I have tried getting both the 32 bit and the 64 bit versions, but when I restart my computer I just get to Windows 8.
Windows 7 computer (Sister's):
Ubuntu installation: Done. Same as above.
Using Ubuntu: Done. Pretty slow, but it still works.
Steam installation: Done. After some fighting with Ubuntu, I accidentally got Steam to install and can connect to my account easily on Ubuntu.
TF2 installation: Blocked. A friend of mine faced the same problem I am, a bug that when Steam tries to validate files, it gets to 100% and no matter how long I wait, it will not do anything. I have tried cancelling and trying again, but it hasn't worked. At first, my friend said to try uninstalling and reinstalling TF2 to see if that would help solve the problem (I literally just thought of uninstalling through Steam, and will try that when I can). Then he gave me this link with complicated instructions, and I basically just said "Forget about it" and tried getting Ubuntu on my computer (Because the Windows 7 computer was my first choice).
If anyone can help me with any of the above problems, please add me and I will message you when I can. Thanks a lot if you can and will help me.
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Orange Bitflip Feb 22, 2013 @ 8:07pm 
I'm not the most knowledgable on Linux (so don't add me), but:

On any computer anywhere, please don't use the Windows installer. Just burn a disc and use that. The Ubuntu installer has a neat little option to shrink the Windows partition and put a Linux partition next to it and dual boot. 'Tis easy.

On the Gateway, I don't know what happened. Believe it or not, Linux and it's related packages spew very readable errors. Please include the error in a reply if you want an answer.

"No matter how long I wait" I've had to wait 20 minutes after 100%. Then it finishes. The whole of 100%, it will grind through my HDD until it truely finishes. If it's using that HDD, let it work.
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