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Sonikku Ω 2013年2月21日上午6:29
I will be getting an unusual soon and...
...I'd want to know what effect i should get: Blizzardy Storm, Searing Plasma, Orbiting Fire, Bubbling, Massed Flies, Orbiting Planets, Circling TF, Steaming, Smoking, Circling Peace Sign
, Purple Confetti, Green Confetti OR Nuts n' Bolts. Please reply.
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Diesel 2013年2月21日上午6:31 
Go on the spread sheets and go for the one with the highest price
Sonikku Ω 2013年2月21日上午6:32 
Go on the spread sheets and go for the one with the highest price

The highest price one is blizzardy storm, but i'm talking about the coolest effect.
Happyhoe 2013年2月21日上午6:33 
the last templar 2013年2月21日上午6:56 
Out of the ones you mentioned, Blizzardy, Plasma, and Peace (on the right hat) look the best
最后由 the last templar 编辑于; 2013年2月21日上午6:57
Jaku 2013年2月21日上午6:58 
I get either the brightest one or the biggest one
Ice 2013年2月21日上午7:05 
Planets is a sick effect, I really reccomend it, my planets toque looks badass.
I honestly reccomend you avoid the confetti's, you will get so much abuse and so many insults that you eventually will not want the hat anymore, i sold my P.confetti mining light partially because of that
DeadPixel 2013年2月21日上午7:07 
TF2 Logo and Peace are great cause they are cheap and are noticable which is the whole reason people buy unusuals is to be noticed.
Sonikku Ω 2013年2月21日上午7:14 
Also btw the unusual is Frenchman's Beret( for spy )
the last templar 2013年2月21日上午7:46 
引用自 Sonikku :D
Also btw the unusual is Frenchman's Beret( for spy )

I think peace would fit well with that
(you know, because frenchmen can't fight lol)
Big-Al 2013年2月21日上午8:24 will you be getting one?
Foxy the Pirate 2013年2月21日上午9:52 
I'd go with either bubbling or orbiting fire. Bubbling is nice because it's noticeable without being a Sniper magnet.
DurranSD 2013年2月21日上午10:10 
I'm a big fan of fetti, flies, planets, and tf logo. Seeing as the unusual will be for spy, I recommend fetti or planets.
Major General Fluffybottom 2013年2月21日上午11:00 
I actually like steaming and smoking, mostly because its not super in your face like orbiting fire / plasma (which look stupid imo) , but also not impossible to see like flies and bolts
Sonikku Ω 2013年2月21日下午1:55 
引用自 Big-Al will you be getting one?
Um... Buying it?
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