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ex. Sonikku 2013年2月21日 6時29分
I will be getting an unusual soon and...
...I'd want to know what effect i should get: Blizzardy Storm, Searing Plasma, Orbiting Fire, Bubbling, Massed Flies, Orbiting Planets, Circling TF, Steaming, Smoking, Circling Peace Sign
, Purple Confetti, Green Confetti OR Nuts n' Bolts. Please reply.
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disisle (New mouse) 2013年2月21日 6時31分 
Go on the spread sheets and go for the one with the highest price
ex. Sonikku 2013年2月21日 6時32分 
Dieselblue™ It is my B-day! の投稿を引用:
Go on the spread sheets and go for the one with the highest price

The highest price one is blizzardy storm, but i'm talking about the coolest effect.
Happyhoe 2013年2月21日 6時33分 
hold the line 2013年2月21日 6時56分 
Out of the ones you mentioned, Blizzardy, Plasma, and Peace (on the right hat) look the best
最近の変更はhold the lineが行いました; 2013年2月21日 6時57分
Jaku 2013年2月21日 6時58分 
I get either the brightest one or the biggest one
Ice 2013年2月21日 7時05分 
Planets is a sick effect, I really reccomend it, my planets toque looks badass.
I honestly reccomend you avoid the confetti's, you will get so much abuse and so many insults that you eventually will not want the hat anymore, i sold my P.confetti mining light partially because of that
DeadPixel 2013年2月21日 7時07分 
TF2 Logo and Peace are great cause they are cheap and are noticable which is the whole reason people buy unusuals is to be noticed.
ex. Sonikku 2013年2月21日 7時14分 
Also btw the unusual is Frenchman's Beret( for spy )
hold the line 2013年2月21日 7時46分 
Sonikku :D の投稿を引用:
Also btw the unusual is Frenchman's Beret( for spy )

I think peace would fit well with that
(you know, because frenchmen can't fight lol)
Big-Al 2013年2月21日 8時24分 will you be getting one?
Paul Blart: Meme Lord 2013年2月21日 9時52分 
I'd go with either bubbling or orbiting fire. Bubbling is nice because it's noticeable without being a Sniper magnet.
DurranSD 2013年2月21日 10時10分 
I'm a big fan of fetti, flies, planets, and tf logo. Seeing as the unusual will be for spy, I recommend fetti or planets.
The Dank Knight 2013年2月21日 11時00分 
I actually like steaming and smoking, mostly because its not super in your face like orbiting fire / plasma (which look stupid imo) , but also not impossible to see like flies and bolts
ex. Sonikku 2013年2月21日 13時55分 
Big-Al の投稿を引用: will you be getting one?
Um... Buying it?
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