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Cabra 2013年2月19日下午10:43
Soda Popper idea
Well, i think that this weapon could be nicer if we took out those so easy to get minicrits and give it the random crits, the weapon even without those minicrits its really good, and the minicrits are just too easy to get, so making it a more reliable weapon would be nice.

PS: Sorry about my english, is not my language.
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PrRobo 2013年2月19日下午10:54 
NO! Minikritz is da only reason to use Soda Popper
Cabra 2013年2月20日上午7:13 
and the only reason that people says ´´OMG you killed just because od the crits´´ or ´´Soda popper noob´´ its because of the minicrits

at least if the minicrits werent almost free, people wouldnt hate it that much
Paul Blart: Meme Lord 2013年2月20日上午7:23 
I say it should build hype based on damage done rather than by running and be able to be activated with alt-fire. 450 damage to charge it to full.
Cabra 2013年2月20日下午4:19 
yes, thats a good one too, and increasing the duration i think?
Chester 2013年12月11日上午11:28 
No sir. Soda Popper shouldn't get mini-crits by doing nothing. It has to build "Hype" by dealing damage and add -20% damage penalty by the way.
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