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Why there are no mid-tier Pyros
Because, without airblast, only doing W+M1 is one of the deadliest things a non-pro Pyro can do. They might be able to make themselves a fraction more dangerous with Flare Gun or Axtinguisher, but it's easy and effective just to W+M1.

Extinguishing allies and clearing stickytraps puts you pretty high in Pyro ranking, but you're still far from those who reflect projectiles without quickly dying.

Any Pyro who is not in that top 2-4% is probably going to die if they try improve more by reflecting projectiles with airblast, because airblast is simply not noob friendly due to the lack of falloff.

So, here's how falloff could work.

Airblast buffed to 130% of current range. To simplfy some stuff, I'm dividing airblast into 13 segments of distance, with 1 as furthest segment and 13 as closest to flamethrower.

At furthest 3 segments, airblast causes projectles to deactivate and fall to the ground, which is really the whole point of this thread since it makes non-pros less likely to die when they fail.

Airblast strength on players climbs in a linear fashion, starting from 30% strength at 1st segment, and stopping at 150% strength at 8th segment.

Segment 4 has -30% projectile speed and damage, climbing in a linear fashion until +40% speed and damage at segment 11.

There. Now airblast has gone from something that you are good at or you aren't to varying degrees of percievable skill, with the nubs able to protect themselves and TF2 gods timing reflects perfectly so as to fling some nukes.
Team Fortress 2 > Dyskusje ogólne > Szczegóły tematu
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