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Toki-btz 2013年2月17日 3時45分
Why are people addicted to this game?
Please tell me.
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SA-Mikulich|GE|-SASB5- 2013年2月17日 3時46分 
Bcz it´s awesome..? No..?
[NuYeD] Clayman 2013年2月17日 4時02分 
because Valve makes it as addictive as possible
SA-Mikulich|GE|-SASB5- 2013年2月17日 4時08分 
All Valve games are addictive. For example, L4D
Toki-btz 2013年2月17日 4時10分 
Thank you.
*****R***** 2013年2月17日 4時27分 
It's not so much the game that people are 'addicted to'; it's that it appeals to certain 'qualities' (or weaknesses, depending upon your viewpoint :) ) of the human psyche that don't tend to have many 'acceptable' outlets these days... :)
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Ice 2013年2月17日 4時28分 
Because it is amazing
enough said
bomboy0bot2121 2013年2月17日 4時55分 
its fun
all the fps (most) are sci fi/army and ♥♥♥♥ like thet
but tf its more carton and the diffrent clasess make it to be diffrent from all the fps (most)
Zyroxeon 2013年2月17日 5時27分 
I'm gonna be honest...

If you gave me, e.g. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (which I don't have), I probably wouldn't pick up TF2 for a couple of weeks.
Clear Vision 2013年2月17日 5時29分 
Sleepy Luna の投稿を引用:
Please tell me.

I don't think people are addicted, they just like it a lot.
Mr.Caine 2013年2月17日 5時30分 
Because Hats.
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Angel 2013年2月17日 6時03分 
I'm addicted to this game because I love the team work or the ability to roam, plus the cheesyness is kinda what makes this game so fun. Sometimes reality is just so boring, so cheesy is awesome in this game.
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acommoncreeper 2013年2月17日 20時37分 
Hats hats hats.... Oh and the built in minigame of shooting people with guns is pretty cool too! They even made strange weapons to count your kills in the minigame! But yeah probably the best hat simulator on the market right now.
Mortimer Stroodle, MD 2013年2月17日 20時47分 
It's an online FPS that involves more than just "Point gun at the other guy and M1".
Foxy the Pirate 2013年2月17日 21時26分 
I think it's because no two matches go exactly the same way due to the unpredictability of the game's multiplayer system as well as the fact that the weapons are all either sidegrades or upgrades with an upside of limited usefulness, giving the game infinite replayability.
Ah, who am I kidding, it's all because of hats
»crizcrush« 2013年2月17日 21時49分 
cause this game is beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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