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J0NO99 16 февруари 2013 в 3:02 следобед
Banned from server?
So I was playing in an Instant Respawn server run by NexusClan or whatever and the map being played was 2Fort. I decided to play Engineer and set my sentry and dispenser up at the top of my base's stairs (so it could have a clear line of sight towards anyone coming up the main entrance and the sewers).

Equipped with my Wrangler, I went to town on the enemy team. Taking out a bunch of scouts, pyros, a couple of demomen and a heavy. Then I see the server trying to start a votekick because I was "idling." Somehow the vote goes through despite me running around reparing the damage to both the sentry and the dispenser.

I really enjoy(ed?) playing on that server so I tried to get back in but I get a message telling me I'm banned from the server. And to make matters even worse, my brother (who was also playing the same game) tells me that the person who started the votekick says he made a mistake and kicked the wrong person. So what gives?

Anyone else run into similar problems? Any advice going forward?
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Major Havoc 16 февруари 2013 в 3:30 следобед 
If that server has a website, try contacting the admin and explain the situation. But to tell you the truth, I blacklist servers where they kick or ban good players when it is not advertised as a noob only server.
Bery 16 февруари 2013 в 5:04 следобед 
When people vote, most of them just click "yes" even if they don't really care who it was. I've had my fair amount of random votekicks as well.
The 2nd Doctor 17 февруари 2013 в 9:04 сутринта 
I had that in a VSH Death run game, a guy said i was idle even though i was activating the traps and talking to the other team,luckily the vote didn't go though.
acommoncreeper 28 август 2014 в 3:16 следобед 
i just got banned from one as well... -.-
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