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BruceLeroyJones 2013年2月16日 9時07分
The most overrated hat/misc?
imo I say the houwar, that hat looks like a ballsack on your head.
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kommando 2013年2月16日 9時23分 
Track Terrorizer/Front Runner/Fast Learner/Essential Accessories/Tossle Cap
Take 'yer pick, mix 'n match any 3!
Tim Timsen (禁止済) 2013年2月16日 9時27分 
HOUWAR, Earbuds, Bill's Hat and Max's Severed Head.
[Poke☆] Tommy (禁止済) 2013年2月16日 9時52分 
Bonk 2013年2月16日 10時02分 
team captain, i love it, but its not like a god like hat
[Poke☆] Tommy (禁止済) 2013年2月16日 10時04分 
Snowdude の投稿を引用:
team captain, i love it, but its not like a god like hat
ik when i first herd of it i wanted it but now i want grenadiers softcap!
|Gent| Mc Mentlegen #Graduated 2013年2月16日 10時06分 
Tim Timsen の投稿を引用:
HOUWAR, Earbuds, Bill's Hat and Max's Severed Head.

Max's Severed Head? srsly? That's an awesome hat.
acommoncreeper 2013年2月16日 15時39分 
Burning Team Captain. Looks like ♥♥♥♥. Completely overrated. Also the Max's Head, that hat looks stupid as hell.
Jehovah's Wetnesses 2013年2月16日 15時52分 
The American Gangster の投稿を引用:
imo I say the houwar, that hat looks like a ballsack on your head.
Considering its name and the description you gave it, I'd say the hat was originally made to display one's epeen status.
Fieri.Thrax 2013年5月6日 19時32分 
Bill's Hat. Completely overrated. ( Considering there are rarer items with lower values and that the hat looks stupid)
平然な 2013年5月6日 19時37分 
i would say bills hat.
there so many hats which looks much better then it...i think its a boring hat.

and to avoid people with: you say that just because you have none...i dont have the max had too which is more expensive and i like it...its looks really nice on some pyro setups!
{λ³} گοηυ 2013年5月6日 19時59分 
Tossle always looked a bit... lumpy, to me.
Lieutenant Bananatits 2013年5月6日 20時02分 
Everyone is saying currency like hats (bills, buds, and other ♥♥♥♥)
But for me I would have to say Fast learner, Team captain, and most unusuals with the flies effect.

Fast learner is a good misc, but not one worth 4 ref! Thats just overpriced.
Team captain cant even be worn by all classes; something that shouldve been done to start with.
Flies effect just makes most unusuals look ugly. IMO the price of the flies effect unusuals should drop by ALOT.
zat-bust 2013年5月6日 20時03分 
tossle, fast learner, tyrants helm, team captain, last breath, apparations aspect, physcian's procedure mask, blighted beak, anger, Dashin' Hashshashin, bills, earbuds, max's severed head, houwar
Lieutenant Bananatits 2014年4月11日 19時30分 
Cross comm express for scout.

Yes yes it looks good on Scout. You dont have to shove it in my face every day.
goldencompass (禁止済) 2014年4月11日 19時38分 
In my opinion, the Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect. Looks ugly with that octopus sitting on the top.

zat-bust の投稿を引用:
tyrants helm
最近の変更はgoldencompassが行いました; 2014年4月11日 19時39分
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