Team Fortress 2
"not enough" mb to downlaod tf2 on linux/ubuntu
after getting some issues fixed on my ubuntu, i have sucessfully launched steam on ubuntu, but steam says theres only 3100 something mb left, i need help on this one, here are some details:
1. my ubuntu is downloaded with wubi and its 12.10
2. my windows steam is in the d: drive
if there are any ways to view the real d: drive on ubuntu or there are useless things that i can uninstall, or even a way to fix this: let me know!
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Benjamin Feb 15, 2013 @ 8:54pm 
If you do a real install, not wubi, then you can see your windows drives. Wubi is a great way to try out Linux, but it's recommended to do a propper install when you're ready.
King Of The Demopan Feb 16, 2013 @ 11:49am 
there we're earlier posts, but i figured out my solution make disk space for the drive with less space put in it (in my case its the d:) and put like near 18 gb or more for the ubuntu (i decided to use 12.04), but even then it may not stop some other errors you will find along the way, and not using virtualbox method of linking, will take ALOT of time, but even then it may sometimes say that the game is currently unavaliable please try again message sometimes
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