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Yuno 2013年2月15日 17時51分
Can't trade
Whenever I trade to trade with someone, it says they are already trading with someone else, so they can't trade with me. Whenever they try to send a trade to me, it also says to them that I am currently busy trading. Does anyone know how to fix this? Me and my friend were going to exchange stranges, but now I cant trade with him
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A Dud 2013年2月15日 18時00分 
Enable Steam Guard.
Tacous2142 2013年2月15日 18時01分 
are u a steam person why u tell me
A Dud 2013年2月15日 18時12分 
Staby Staby の投稿を引用:
are u a steam person why u tell me
最近の変更はA Dudが行いました; 2013年2月15日 18時13分
Yuno 2013年2月15日 19時36分 
I've reinstalled tf2 and activated steamguard.
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