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maxresdefault Feb 13, 2013 @ 2:10pm
Will Tf2 (vanilla) ever be made re-available by valve for people who purchased it?
I think it would be a good idea if valve somehow was able to make vanilla tf2 available to the public again, no hats, no new guns, no gameplay changes, old UI, menu, music, shaders, etc. Now if you are wondering why then you just don't understand, there is a large difference between vanilla and current, I miss all the old stuff. I miss the balance, better performance, and just feel in general. The game feels extremely cluttered now, so many bugs and animation errors, inconsistencies, etc.

Not sure if the maplist should be kept, I kinda feel that if only the vanilla maps were kept then there would be more of a focus on awesome vanilla maps that aren't focused on a lot anymore.

Of course it's not for everyone, and if you don't care about the vanilla experience then at least it would be neat to see what TF2 used to be like at one point right?

Tf2 used to be about quality > quantity, now it's the exact opposite.

Also for the people who just say to just go play on a vanilla server, that's not it. The game is still less optimized and vanilla servers don't roll back the gameplay and balance changes.

I don't really see how this would be hard for valve to bring back, and I can bet you there is a large demand for this. Almost every tf2 player I know has stopped playing now because of all the changes, it's debatable when the game started to dwindle but I consider it around the time after the spy vs sniper update.
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I completely agree with you. TF2 has stopped being about the FPS gameplay and has become: Collect items to turn into Metal to buy overpriced items that do nothing.

I played the PS3 version (Which is vanilla with no addons), but it's badly flawed, and the main game of the new one, with all it's new addons. There is no such thing as balance.
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