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AdviserChip 2013年2月13日 12時00分
Scoreboard problem
When I open the scoreboard, the ping gets cut off. How do I fix this? If I open Scoreboard.res in Notepad, what should the numbers be? This is with the 32-player scoreboard mod, although the ping was cut off before I got that mod.
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templar 2013年2月13日 12時04分 
Could be your resolution. Try increasing it a bit if you can?
AdviserChip 2013年2月13日 12時14分 
I don't think resolution is the problem. Here's a sceencap
tsukayomi 2013年2月13日 12時24分 
When I used to play this game in full screen I couldn't see anything on the board till I changed it to window view.
AdviserChip 2013年2月13日 12時29分 
I already play in a window
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Team Fortress 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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