Team Fortress 2
AlmyriganHero (Banned) Feb 12, 2013 @ 8:05pm
Heavy Set: The Big Bad Boxer
So before, I discussed a few new weapon ideas. Well, this time
I decided on an idea for a whole set: The Big Bad Boxer! Yeah, cheesy name.
Especially since the set's main melee isn't a boxing glove. Whatever.

Melee: The Exclusive Club

Basically a huge, spiky club with a unique feature.

+360% pushback from melee.
+50% damage bonus
-20% move speed (That's right, making heavy EVEN SLOWER)

Alt-fire produces an upwards swing which sends enemies flying
(and I mean FLYING) backwards and bonking them for 5 seconds.
With the decreased move speed and the sheer distance they go
flying, you won't be able to use it to get a second hit or anything.
It does no extra damage either. This ability has a 10 second
recharge to prevent people from spamming it to defend points.

Secondary: The Oxen Oxskin

A sort of long, hairy brown coat. It's not a misc: it has an actual
function like the danger shield.

+ 100% max health
- completely disables all of your ranged weapons

Hat: <Insert witty title here>

A long, rough brown beard, like you see the giants in fairy tales wearing.
That's it...

Set bonus:

+50% max health which stacks with the Oxen Oxskin
. 20% player size. Because you wouldn't be much of a giant if you
weren't at least a BIT bigger than everyone else!
+ wearer has bleed resistance. You're to thick-skinned to bleed over
a little cut!
- 10% move speed, stacks with the Exclusive CLub

Between the look and the debuffs which make you more vulnerable to
projectiles (slower speed, larger size), this probably seems like a set
tailored for degroot keep...and indeed it is! Seriously, heavy needs
some medieval might!

Date Posted: Feb 12, 2013 @ 8:05pm
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