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SoopaDerpcat (Banned) Feb 12, 2013 @ 6:11pm
Epic tool idea: Weapon tweaker.
The weapon tweaker would be a rare, single-use tool which can be used to
modify weapons. When you hit the "use" button, it would allow you to apply
it to pretty much any weapon. It would bring up 3 buff slots and 3 debuff slots.
In each one, you choose a bonus/penalty and then type in a number from 1 to 30
to determine the percent of each. If you wish to buff it by more than 30, you
will need to use up another slot buffing the same stat. There are also atributes,
such as no random crits, knocback on hit, etc. which each count for 30%
as a buff/debuff and can only be applied once.Before you can apply the
changes, you will need an at least equal total penalty percentage to your
onus percentage. So for example, say I wanted to make my frying pan
have a 30% damage bonus and a 60% jump height bonus. In that case,
I would need to give myself -30% bullet resistance, -30% melee resistance
and no random crits.

The idea is to givew personalized combat style and
weapon trading more depth, allowing players to manufacture and
sell their very own weapons.

A few rules for tweaking:

You can not give a weapon an "attribute" it already has by default.
For example, I can't cheat and use "no random critical hits" as a negative
attribute to my eyelander, since it already has that.

A weapon's stats may never exceed +110%.
So you can't make a practically insta-hit rocket
launcher by buffing the direct hit with a ton of speed
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3 buff slots and 3 debuff slots seem OP. More like 3 ffor both would be fair. Plus, not all buffs and debuffs are equal, and it has to be something valve would like.But I think that you can do this on Advanced Weaponiser, but I'm not sure though.
SoopaDerpcat (Banned) Feb 12, 2013 @ 6:28pm 
Originally posted by cheesellama:
3 buff slots and 3 debuff slots seem OP. More like 3 ffor both would be fair.

That's what I mean. 3 for both.
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