Team Fortress 2
Suprise Crash!
When I was playing TF2 one day, I experienced a rather "strange" crash. After that crash I thought it wasn't anything serious. But after some time later, the same crash occured and my suspicion grew even larger. Let me explain how crashes,such as this, works:

-The screen goes black for about 2 seconds.
-The desktop is shown and the game isn't running anymore.
-There are no messeges popping up.
-The game just "canceled" itself.

So my question to you people is:
Can somebody explain to me why this keeps happening?

(P.S. I think is has something to do with my graphics driver)
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Kevster Feb 12, 2013 @ 10:21am 
This happens to me to, but i have no idea what it is! help usss...
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