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itw.MoZz3la_on-da-§pAggEt 2013年2月12日 4時26分
i need help
everytime i open teamfortress 2 a notice comes and says : steam servers r currentlly too busy to handle your request. please try again i na few minutes. i waited a few minutes and it didnt work, i i even waited for a hour and i tryed to restart my computer but it also didnt work pls help
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‎Kaguya 2013年2月12日 5時24分 
Try different download region on Steam. Settings -> Downloads + Cloud -> Download region.
Steam is usually checking updates before launching your game and checking them from download region what you are using.

Hopefully this will help.
最近の変更は‎Kaguyaが行いました; 2013年2月12日 5時25分
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