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Fearful Snake 2013年2月9日 17時21分
Anybody else here own a unusual for your favorite class, but hardly wear it anymore? I have 2 for my Pyro and I love them, but I find myself wearing the regular versions of the hats over the ones with effects, I play on servers with 3rd person enabled. I was just simply wondering if anyone else is like this, have a unusual you love but find yourself not wearing it as much anymore or wearing the non-unusual version of the hat.
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SharkWithALaserBeam 2013年2月9日 17時34分 
i dont own unusuals and don't plan on getting any.
But im really rocking the war pig and hot dogger.
kommando 2013年2月9日 18時12分 
REALLY wish I had one for my Medic and Soldier, but sadly don't. Don't have the money to gamble with keys or to buy one as is.
Uncle Meat 2013年2月10日 4時08分 
Let me tell you how lucky you are to even have an unusual... I've been playing TF2 since it was released. I've got 850 hours of gameplay accumulated and I've not found or unboxed an unusual yet. In fact I've completed 30+ MvM missions and I've yet to get a Blood, Gold, or Diamond BK weapon yet either. So for those of you lucky enough to have an unusual (that you didn't trade half your life savings for) should consider yourselves pretty lucky if you ask me.


Looking for a Full Voucher runner? Right here man... just friend me and I'm in.
Fearful Snake 2013年2月10日 17時50分 
You misunderstand my question Meat, I simply am wondering if im the only unusual owner who is bored with said unusuals. When it comes to your situation, have you ever considered saving your money to buy a unusual? I bought mine, one for about $50 and the other $70.
Hot but useless 2013年2月10日 18時10分 
if i had 1 for a spy i would whare it
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