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HAAAAN 2013年2月8日 22時41分
Dear Steam's administrators...
I can't play the game team fortress2 cuz of lack of items...
Can you give me some items???
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Asus hot gex 2013年2月8日 22時51分 
so dont need items to play, start playing and items will come in time.... or with money so dont expect a handout.
Lucifer ★✬ 2013年2月8日 22時53分 
you dont need times to play, the stock items are (most of the time) the better of the items

dont beg, trade for items if you want them
Asus hot gex 2013年2月8日 22時54分 
or try getting achivement hats, look up tf2 wiki and achivement or promo items.
1-3 / 3 のコメントを表示
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