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InsertUserName 2013年2月8日上午9:35
Out of game inventory trading
What other games besides TF2, Dota2 and Spiral Knights have tradeable inventories? Are there any others?
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the last templar 2013年2月8日上午9:40 
Portal 2
But nobody trades Portal 2 items
System 32 2013年2月8日上午9:42 
引用自 The Last Templar
But nobody trades Portal 2 items
Well theres only 3 hats in the store and one of those hats is free if you beat the game, so I'm not surprised
the last templar 2013年2月8日上午9:46 
Super Monday Night Combat too, but not many people even play that game anymore afaik.
InsertUserName 2013年2月8日上午9:46 
That's it? Damn shame that is (on both the number of hats in Portal 2 and the number of steam games with trading).
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