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InsertUserName 2013年2月8日 9時35分
Out of game inventory trading
What other games besides TF2, Dota2 and Spiral Knights have tradeable inventories? Are there any others?
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the last templar 2013年2月8日 9時40分 
Portal 2
But nobody trades Portal 2 items
System 32 2013年2月8日 9時42分 
The Last Templar の投稿を引用:
But nobody trades Portal 2 items
Well theres only 3 hats in the store and one of those hats is free if you beat the game, so I'm not surprised
the last templar 2013年2月8日 9時46分 
Super Monday Night Combat too, but not many people even play that game anymore afaik.
InsertUserName 2013年2月8日 9時46分 
That's it? Damn shame that is (on both the number of hats in Portal 2 and the number of steam games with trading).
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