Team Fortress 2
5 file validations in a row
im not gonna reinstall my TF2 yes i have seen the discusion i want to be able to play the game without haivng to donwload it ever time i had to file validate 5 times today and i think im gonna smahc my hard drive steam needs to fix this now. not shure if steam just wants to make me start taking riddlin or they just want me to buy more crap no one wants just to make them happier either way i think this hsould be fixed and should have been fixed by steam a while ago or is apple gonn ado that for you gaben? *steam box reffrence* i think i might swich back to xbox if this goes on at least you can play TF2 there on the orange box
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Well thats pretty odd to get 5 in a row.
I have TF2 installed and I probably saw one update push early in the morning (unless I was mistaken about which game it was).
Perhaps you are mistaking cloud synchronization (settings) with program code updates (happens every time you exit TF2)
If it happens again please screenshot it and post here (avoid/obscure out your actual steam login name in the image if you do).

For now, don't bother re-installing as you've done that. Try validating the steam-cache instead. its like a repair install.
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girdurloins Feb 7, 2013 @ 2:16pm 
one time game reinstall = no more validating files (maybe). I did it and it worked for me.

You should give it a try instead of switching to the xbox. TF2 is not the same on the console.
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