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Shia Labeough roleplay 2013年2月6日 17時53分
Hey guys, my TF2 isn't launching when i try to get it to, can anyone help?
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Mucinex 2013年2月6日 17時58分 
Could you be less vague with your problem?
Medtech144 2013年2月6日 18時17分 
You can always try restarting computer.
๖ۣۜDoteR_๖ۣۜPaCaN" 2013年2月7日 0時15分 
I have the same problem! will not start! "the game is currently unavailable try again later" is written! I wait for 10 days! knowingly shaking game
Swift Mustache 2013年2月7日 2時54分 
Give informations, damn it don't expect us to come here and just guess what your problem is!
Shia Labeough roleplay 2013年2月7日 18時27分 
sorry but thats all i know. i clock on it and it says TF2 is launching, and its still launching a week later
Shia Labeough roleplay 2013年2月7日 18時35分 
kay thanks!
S.S.Dragon™ 2013年2月7日 18時35分 
restarting tf2/steam/your pc should be the first things you should do. if that doesnt work, find out as much as you can and post here. if you get no good answers the best thing would be reinstalling tf2. that should work most of the time.

if it worked yesterday and today you did alot of mods to your files and it doesnt work. either reinstall tf2 and if that doesnt work. you need to do a system restore back before you did alot of mods to your files. if you're not an admin for the pc using it. you'll need someone who is an admin on your pc to do it. control panel->system->restore system files and settings from a restore point... or you can just go and delete the same exact files you added or modded.

again, we cant help much if we dont know whats going on. ive helped 2 friends that tf2 wouldnt work. give us infomation and we'll do what we can.

*NOTE* you will NOT lose your stuff on tf2 if you reinstall tf2. those items are saved in the database and you will not lose them. almost everyone thinks that
Shia Labeough roleplay 2013年2月7日 18時45分 
Thank you S.S. Dragon and Shadow Blue! you guys are awesome!
Shia Labeough roleplay 2013年2月8日 16時00分 
but then how would i play TF2?
Shia Labeough roleplay 2013年2月8日 16時00分 
there are more problems than answers here!
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1-10 / 10 のコメントを表示
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