Team Fortress 2
New Areas that could be added to Multiplayer through various Scenerios
1. Connex City- After being in the army and all this would be easy to understand. The entire area besides the earth itself is made from unusable connexes and recycled wood (In the military making training grounds from the cheapest materials do happen).
2. Abandoned Golf Course- Large area with several structures and open grounnd.
3. Trailer Park- Seeing as some of the real ones can be beyond weird or unbeleivable.
4. Under A Huge Bridge- This one would require lots of swimming or vehicle dodging (yes the bridge is still being used [adds to difficulty]). There will be other areas to traverse but the opposing team will be traversing same areas (This will be one of those maps were your characters will need to be able to climb).
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Maximum_Darkness Feb 6, 2013 @ 6:46pm 
Another idea of Areas could be these 3 that just came to mind:
1. Under-City Sewers- Small to Huge map if made to be. Major tunnels which would make sniping little to no use unless you park near open water tunnels which can be hazardous to both sides.
2. Hedge-Maze- Similar to the Under-City Sewers with the tunnels but less natural hazards.
3. Oil Rig- Large enough vessel where both teams could do King of the Hill Scenerios (This scenerio could be viewed as which team wins gains control of the ship [but no actual ship operating at least no major operating like piloting the vessel anyway]). Natural hazards could be a storm which would lower visuals to the player, Swaying of the ship which could catch players off guard and could throw em off, and Tidal waves which could pull players out to the ocean (falling into the ocean can be viewed as instant death).
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