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Karp :> 2013年2月6日上午11:48
Whats the best steam name you've seen
I've seen some pretty good ones
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Knight Of Kokiri 2013年2月6日上午11:58 
A guy named "DontFeedTheGaben" entered a trade server that I was in, and proceeded to purchase that expensive ring thing, made the whole server laugh.
最后由 Knight Of Kokiri 编辑于; 2013年2月26日下午2:14
Karp :> 2013年2月6日下午12:05 
lol I've seen some ones like the wumbonator dickmunch 69 doctorprofessor gandorf xD
Reality 2013年2月6日下午12:10 
I've seen tons of good names. "Beyond Names" "Hedgehogs killed:263" "Winnebago Crossing" and "Roadkill-o-matic" are my favorites.
hey you 2013年2月6日下午12:13 
All the names I use.
Soundpulse (已封禁) 2013年2月6日下午12:33 
Haven't really seen any strange ones. But I do have a funny name moment. When I used my original name, Soundpulse, I got killed by a guy named Soundwave.
Knight Of Kokiri 2013年2月6日下午12:39 
@Magic Carp

I think our opinion on "Best/funniest username" differs significantly
In Misery We Seek Friendship 2013年2月6日下午12:50 
Clearly its "In Misery We Seek Pancakes"
Karp :> 2013年2月6日下午12:51 
those aren't really "funny" to me just really weird
Knight Of Kokiri 2013年2月6日下午1:16 
And yet names such as 'wumbonator' and 'dickmunch 69' you deem hilarious enough to start a discussion?

Your tastes are truely refined...
最后由 Knight Of Kokiri 编辑于; 2013年2月6日下午1:17
Karp :> 2013年2月6日下午1:19 
Harmless spycrab the thing is I was just curious the only reason I brought these up were because I've only seen names like that once I see spy crab magikarp pokemon class related names all the time
Knight Of Kokiri 2013年2月6日下午1:22 
I am... common? D: I have never seen another spycrab refference, never so refined as mine surely? D:
Karp :> 2013年2月6日下午1:25 
D; I like your name It's a good one xD I just see spy crab names and stuff like "harmless spycrab" Inaclosethomelessspycrab" is one I've seen don't get me wrong I love spy crab related names.
Knight Of Kokiri 2013年2月6日下午1:26 
._ . Great back to the drawing board
TBAGtv 2013年2月6日下午1:31 
"I ♥♥♥♥ed Milan Kunis" and Bluewaffler
Karp :> 2013年2月6日下午1:31 
No your names fine D: I encourage you to keep it if not don't drastically change it
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