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Topdong6 2013年2月6日 11時48分
Whats the best steam name you've seen
I've seen some pretty good ones

*new* Holy ♥♥♥♥, how is this thread still alive. I remember making this in 8th grade, i'm in 11th now.
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Saving Grace 2013年2月6日 11時58分 
A guy named "DontFeedTheGaben" entered a trade server that I was in, and proceeded to purchase that expensive ring thing, made the whole server laugh.
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Topdong6 2013年2月6日 12時05分 
lol I've seen some ones like the wumbonator dickmunch 69 doctorprofessor gandorf xD
Reality 2013年2月6日 12時10分 
I've seen tons of good names. "Beyond Names" "Hedgehogs killed:263" "Winnebago Crossing" and "Roadkill-o-matic" are my favorites.
everyone get in here 2013年2月6日 12時13分 
All the names I use.
Soundpulse (禁止済) 2013年2月6日 12時33分 
Haven't really seen any strange ones. But I do have a funny name moment. When I used my original name, Soundpulse, I got killed by a guy named Soundwave.
Saving Grace 2013年2月6日 12時39分 
@Magic Carp

I think our opinion on "Best/funniest username" differs significantly
PancakeMisery 2013年2月6日 12時50分 
Clearly its "In Misery We Seek Pancakes"
Topdong6 2013年2月6日 12時51分 
those aren't really "funny" to me just really weird
Saving Grace 2013年2月6日 13時16分 
And yet names such as 'wumbonator' and 'dickmunch 69' you deem hilarious enough to start a discussion?

Your tastes are truely refined...
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Topdong6 2013年2月6日 13時19分 
Harmless spycrab the thing is I was just curious the only reason I brought these up were because I've only seen names like that once I see spy crab magikarp pokemon class related names all the time
Saving Grace 2013年2月6日 13時22分 
I am... common? D: I have never seen another spycrab refference, never so refined as mine surely? D:
Topdong6 2013年2月6日 13時25分 
D; I like your name It's a good one xD I just see spy crab names and stuff like "harmless spycrab" Inaclosethomelessspycrab" is one I've seen don't get me wrong I love spy crab related names.
Saving Grace 2013年2月6日 13時26分 
._ . Great back to the drawing board
TBAGtv 2013年2月6日 13時31分 
"I ♥♥♥♥ed Milan Kunis" and Bluewaffler
Topdong6 2013年2月6日 13時31分 
No your names fine D: I encourage you to keep it if not don't drastically change it
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