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[MaZ] Life of Spi 2013年2月6日上午7:54
TF2 - What you renamed your items
Post your item rename ideas or already remamed!

My already named weaps
Soda Popper - Ejaculator
Unarmed Combat - Your Girlfriend
Equilizer - What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Postal Pummeler- Blackmailed
Ultrapool Caber - Like A G6I [This is because hitting someone sends you in the air!!]
Vaccinator - Liquid Sandvich/Sandvich Dispenser
Hitman's Heatmaker- Hitler's ♥♥♥♥♥maker
Huntsman - The Katniss
Festive huntsman - the Grinch
Spy-Cicle - Need Some Ice for that Burn?
Your Eternal Reward - Your Eternal Virginity
The Sharp Dresser - If looks could kill...
Hat of Cards - Ace of Blades
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King Bowser Koopa 2013年2月6日上午9:14 
The name of my Balloonicorn is "James Balloonicorn Koopa".
Teal Turken 2013年2月6日下午12:52 
Stock Minigun - Biggost Mashine Gon!
db 2013年2月6日下午1:06 
I named a Strange Rocket Launcher "Take that, Bin Laden!"
Get on my level
Lando.Fitzgerald 2013年2月7日下午4:29 
If I didn't already name all my stuff, a strange grenade launcher name and desc. I had was

"The plumbers life"
"Hit pipes all day every day"

Anne Mei 2013年2月7日下午4:42 
Named my Stickybomb Launcher, "Left-Click, Right-Click"
Kimchi Kim 2013年2月7日下午5:34 
I would rename my Persian Persuader into The Persian Hater
Angel 2013年2月7日下午5:54 
I once named my quick-fix "The Final Hope".
Num! 2013年2月7日下午6:02 
My unarmed combat is the pat on the back
paperchaos 2013年2月8日上午1:33 
Man i have seen some moronic names for weapons but you guys take the cake
TBAGtv 2013年2月8日上午3:53 
My ubersaw to "Free Sexchanger".
Wolves_Bones 2013年2月8日上午4:14 
My friend has 3 name tags but doesn't use them... I really want them. :(
Steve Killbane 2013年2月8日上午4:35 
引用自 Dylan Kleboid
I come up with many weapons that me and Eric were discussing. And here's the list for all you ♥♥♥♥♥ to see

Force A Nature - "Arlene" Named by Eric's Shotgun
Minigun - DIE MOTHA♥♥♥♥A DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SMG - "Tec 9" After my 9mm SMG
Flamethrower - BURN MOTHA♥♥♥♥A BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -as you may have guess-
Rocket Launcher - Cyberdemon's Ripped out Limbed -Eric loves killing cyberdemons with a smile of his own face while playing doom for his own pleasure.-

and so much more we could've think of but couldn't list it. i should stop talking about this crappy thread and be on my way.
Quite possibly the worst names I have ever heard. Waste of good name tags.
[MaZ] Life of Spi 2013年2月8日下午9:23 
ok i just renamed my Kritzkrieg...
Zyroxeon 2013年2月8日下午9:28 
RoBro 3000

Aperture Science Experiment ZXN-V6.8
Asus hot gex 2013年2月8日下午10:10 
引用自 Zyroxeon
RoBro 3000

Aperture Science Experiment ZXN-V6.8
good use of a name tag, sincere.
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