Team Fortress 2
Either Valve hates me or it's my scrapyard-worthy laptop...
Whenever I play TF2 as of now on this laptop I owned since 2010, the gameplay is mostly choppy, which I understand since it's old and I downloaded lots of junk on it. That's not my main concern, the real concern is that sometimes I am in-game, the game shuts down by itself like as if the mouse clicked on a internet browser window to simply close it down.

When I sometimes quit the game, it still says I'm playing TF2 when I'm clearly not. I even went to the Task Manager, it shows NOTHING about me playing TF2, the window is never open and the only way for me to fix it is to press the power button and when it gets to the "Force shut down" part, I click cancel. Sometimes it creates problems like making volume changing more difficult and closing down some of my other opened windows. Still, after cancelling a forced shut down, it gets rid of the green outline around my icon, indicating I'm officially not in-game (though I never was in-game in the first place).

I find it hard to believe that this is my laptop's doing, however. I sometimes use a different laptop and that plays TF2 well, only the internet there is slow. I wish I had both smooth-playing TF2 AND fast internet... it's every TF2 player's dream. Whenever my laptop is in use for a few minutes, the fan on it is already hot, I have a USB fan connected and placed underneath, but it barely cools the thing down. The fan is on the left side and not the bottom.

I must admit that I should probably upgrade my RAM and Video card, but I've been lacking motivation to do that or my family were just too busy with other things.
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