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DR. Fish M.D. 2013 02 月 3 @ 6:48下午
sydney sleeper
why do people hate/dislike it?
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Nuclear Kangaroo 2013 02 月 3 @ 6:55下午 
alongside the machine is considered a "crutch" weapon for the sniper, this means its easy to use if you are an inexperienced player but in the long run will only hold you back

both this and the machina encourage bodyshots, as a sniper you must, most of the time try to go for the headshot
His Dudeness 2013 02 月 3 @ 7:03下午 
I don't mind using it at times but it sucks being hit by it, especially if you on the bridge in 2fort lol.
90999 2013 02 月 3 @ 7:09下午 
The common reason players dislike the Sydney Sleeper is because you didn't/won't kill them with a headshot with any other rifle. People honestly for some reason hate being killed by a bodyshot. The Sydney Sleeper isn't even a crutch weapon it's more of a supportive weapon.

Fun fact: The Sydney Sleeper can headshot players with boosted crits. (Kritskrieg, CTF captured intel crits, first blood in arena, humilation)
Bipolar Cormorant 2013 02 月 3 @ 8:26下午 
Because Jarate is amazing and on a coordinated team you've essentially gotten a high reward for low effort. It isn't much of a crutch as much as people find the idea of a weapon on Sniper that rewards said Sniper without him having to headshot annoying. It has its own niche, where as the Sniper Rifle is for getting rid of key targets and Pockets and denying areas, Sydney Sleeper is to stop a push and control an offense by hindering them with Jarate.
Pierre 2013 02 月 3 @ 8:34下午 
All weps have potential good uses. For example a defensive sniper can jarate incoming enemies while team members deal crits on them. There is a lot of immature players that hate on the weapon but it's best to ignore them. All weps are balanced to some degree and it to the preference of the user to what they want to use.
SMASH 2013 02 月 3 @ 8:58下午 
It's a weapon for bad snipers, headshots are more efficient and give a higher damage. Would you rather have an enemy be coated in jarate and still fighting or a dead enemy. Yes it might be a more team supportive weapon but if your decent with the sniper rifle you can be even more supportive.

TL;DR The sleeper is for bad snipers.
SharkWithALaserBeam 2013 02 月 3 @ 9:13下午 
sydney sleeper and carbine is an OP set imo.
Carbine by itself is bad
Cheeky Chespin 2013 02 月 3 @ 9:37下午 
Its a double standard with Snipers.
Its alright if THEY bodyshot you but god forbid if you bodyshot them you aren't even trying.
Its funny to ♥♥♥♥ off Machina snipers both metaphorically and realistically covering them in ♥♥♥♥.
|TLC| Pineapple_Daman 2013 02 月 3 @ 10:14下午 
Rattler 2013 02 月 3 @ 11:48下午 
They can complain all they want. The Sydney Sleeper is a Support rifle, not a Damage Dealing rifle. Its also kinda funny to hit a Spy that's using the Dead Ringer with it because you can still see them because of the Jarate.

You may lose Headshot ability, but the Sleeper has its uses.
Mattster 2013 02 月 4 @ 4:33上午 
Its a support weapon, some people like, some dislike, what matters is your opinion
Hank !DILLIGAF !suicide Hill 2013 02 月 4 @ 5:35上午 
Personally I wish it could jarate no-scope targets, but other than that I love it.
Super Saiyan Rubber Ducky 2013 02 月 4 @ 5:48上午 
One reason most hate the Sydney Sleeper is when it is used in its set (Sydney Sleeper, Darwin's Danger Shield, Bushwacka, Ol' Snaggletooth). The set bonus, while giving you all of the advantages and disadvantages of these weapons, prevents the player from taking headshots, which really ticks enemy players off.

While debates go on about who the Sniper's true enemy is exist, the answer usually ends up being an Enemy Sniper. Other classes can't easily reach the Sniper other than another Sniper. And taking away the ability to headshot while giving the player protection against headshots seems to be a fair trade to some.
Post Mortem 2013 02 月 4 @ 6:37上午 
but if you see a sniper who play with this set, you just have to bodyshooting thos sniper and don't headshooting :D
Nuclear Kangaroo 2013 02 月 4 @ 7:02上午 
he has the advantage on the bodyshot department tough
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