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AwakenedZero 2013年2月3日 0時00分
Steam Nooobie lookin for awesome buddies
yeah I'm a noob. lookin for new friends on here who would recommend good games to me and friends to play games with. I don't like people who beg for free stuff i believe if anyone gets you anything you should earn it or get it on your birthday whatever. but back on topic im not a rich guy nor do i have any money for spending. but when i can ill get games that people recommend i should play
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Kalebob 2013年2月11日 16時02分 
Team Fortress 2, it's free, and its epic
Kalebob 2013年2月11日 16時03分 
Also Microvolts
mindSMITE 2013年2月11日 16時08分 
team fortress 2 for sure is awesome and free and has a great community for meeting people. prolly most friendly community out there ( most of the time)

Path of Exile isnt on steam but its free and also awesome (like D3 but i think it does more innovative things)

CounterStrike GO is good, if youre good at CS. pretty cheap too.

add me if you end up playing any of those.i dont play much csgo tho. but i play the first two like everyday almost right now.
Dr. Billeaux 2013年2月11日 16時14分 
Your best bet is to just start playing with people. Add some servers onto your favorites list. Then decide which ones to keep and which to delete as you gain preferences to certain servers and the people who play on them.

And use a mic. Verbal communication is key to any team based game and building relationships with other players.
AwakenedZero 2013年2月11日 23時57分 
The TF community is quiet and no one talks i tried makin friends and no one talks at all. :/ and i actually have 3 servers saved and not many are active when i try to log in. and ill take that mic idea. i dont have one but i know of the holding i think it was the alt key and talking.
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