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Are the item drops glitched?
I just got 2 hats worth 2 keys and another 1.33hat in random drops in 4-5 hours.. is there something wrong?
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Jake 2013年2月1日 20時35分 
No that is just SUPER F&%#%#G LUCK.
^5jmz 2013年2月1日 20時36分 
oh wow, guess its my lucky day then :D
Jake 2013年2月1日 20時42分 
Its weird cuz you played the game for 300 hours and I played 800 hours.And I only got 1 drop hat.
^5jmz 2013年2月1日 20時43分 
thats why i was wondering if its normal
Jake 2013年2月1日 20時45分 
Jmz の投稿を引用:
thats why i was wondering if its normal
But its all about rare and luck so nothing weird.One of my friends got 3 hat drops.But you and a few other people got more and 1 droped hats.
no but thats like the best luck ever
That's just incredible luck. Drops seem fine to me.
brb crying inside
最近の変更はSharkWithALaserBeamが行いました; 2013年2月1日 22時12分
Now THAT, is good luck.
On Wednesday I was like I better play to get some items before the item drop rate resets and got found the hat with no name. I felt good.
Pit 2013年2月1日 23時26分 
Drops aren't glitched.

You just got super lucky.
i hate you ;_;
Lord Gaben smiles upon you, young one.
Tim Timsen (禁止済) 2013年2月2日 2時40分 
Random is random.
Be happy.
Don't jerk off.
I got a hat drop and a paint two hours apart yesterday.
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