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Toborobot 2013. jan. 31. @ du. 8:25
Two unique item ideas.
First Idea:
An item that allows friendly explosions to launch you. I can imagine insanely fun teamwork with this. Like launching a hailstorm of heavies. It would probably replace your melee weapon similar to the mantreads.

Second Idea:
A spy watch that teleports you a short distance forward. It would have a short recharge rate, no invisibility, and possibly multiple uses like the vaccinator. It would be great for escapes, or teleporting behind enemies. Think the rogue's shadowstep in World of Warcraft.
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Foxy the Pirate 2013. jan. 31. @ du. 8:27 
That second one would take all the challenge out of Spying.
Toborobot 2013. jan. 31. @ du. 8:29 
{MGCH}BBSOS Itsuki Koizumi eredeti hozzászólása:
That second one would take all the challenge out of Spying.

It wouldn't teleport you behind an enemy facing their back. You'd still have to coordinate yourself to get the backstab. Getting behind enemies will be really hard as a drawback. You wouldn't be able to go invisible or dead ringer your way in.
rebellious spirit 2013. jan. 31. @ du. 8:49 
The first idea can be used for griefing...

Second one....too OP?
Bird wank 2013. jan. 31. @ du. 10:33 
what would be really nice is a pain killer promo weapon for engi. like the gun slinger except its melee is rapid fire it does less damage and uses less metal per hit/spin. and maybe a secondary fire like the sand man
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