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Splendid Naked Butt Pirate 2013年1月28日下午5:30
Hey, I got an important question about the Merc's Muffler.
So, the Merc's muffle, is 3 keys, as it said on the spreadsheet. The hat/misc is 4.99 plus tax, it'd be $5 +. So, 3 keys, is like $7. Would that means, you would gain great profit, if you sell that muffler for 3 keys? (If anyone would even buy). There's no dirty version of it so... What's so special about it? It's just a ugly piece of scraf.
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Steve #11 2013年1月28日下午5:34 
There is no tax on the steam store, and no, you wouldn't make profit.
Keys are sold for 1.35-1.50 outside of the store.
Splendid Naked Butt Pirate 2013年1月28日下午5:36 
I know, but not all kids knows their parent's credit card/ Paypal. I thought there is tax on Steam store. I bought keys, and it ads 47 cents.
Harley (已封禁) 2013年1月28日下午5:43 
The price you see next to an item is the price in total (personal price + fee), they do not add any extra costs when you finish your purchase on the Community Market.

And if you think that misc item is ugly as hell, then why does its price bother you anyway?

Why do you even use the spreadsheet?
Didn't you know that it's run by one guy who can change the pricelist at any time?
Especially when he wants to add value to his own items before trading them?
最后由 Harley 编辑于; 2013年1月28日下午5:43
Splendid Naked Butt Pirate 2013年1月28日下午5:46 
Actually, that make sense, I care for profit, actually. I don't care about the hat.
Splendid Naked Butt Pirate 2013年1月28日下午5:47 
And I was talking about the TF2 key prices, I lost my mind.
Harley (已封禁) 2013年1月28日下午5:48 
引用自 Epitadas
I care for profit
Then you no longer deserve any positive attention.
Num! 2013年1月28日下午5:56 
it is one ugly hat, sold mine after uncrating it
Splendid Naked Butt Pirate 2013年1月28日下午5:56 
Who shouldn't care for profit, I means, really? Unless they're your best friend.
Splendid Naked Butt Pirate 2013年1月28日下午5:56 
Yeah, I'd prefer the Anger.
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