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LordAndrew15 2013年1月28日上午9:04
hero acadamy tf2 items missing
i have recently bought hero acadamy and i should have gotten the tf2 items that came with it but i did not. can someone help me?
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Gary Colemans Ghost 2013年1月28日上午9:20 
The money that you spent on it is definitively not missing from their bank account. nothing can be done,they do not care.sorry
early access mods for sale here 2013年1月28日上午10:06 
Have you started TF2 since buying the game?
Murray 2013年1月28日上午10:43 
Depends whether you got any of the DLC. You only get the Ninja cowl if you just bought the main game. You get others depending on which hero pack you get.

So did you get the Ninja's cowl?
最后由 Murray 编辑于; 2013年1月28日上午10:43
LordAndrew15 2013年1月28日上午11:28 
no i did not get the any of the dlc i just bought the game itself
Murray 2013年1月28日上午11:31 
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no i did not get the any of the dlc i just bought the game itself
OK. So did you not get the ninja cowl?
LordAndrew15 2013年1月28日上午11:31 
Murray 2013年1月28日上午11:35 
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Hmmmm. Have you played hero academy yet? Made an account for it and had it linked to your steam profile?

I can't quite remember exactly, but I think you had to do something like that.
LordAndrew15 2013年1月28日上午11:36 
ok i will try that
Murray 2013年1月28日下午7:30 
Did it work?
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