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Cr4zY DeAth 27 jan 2013 om 2:01nm
Mine was when my Medic friend healed me the whole game while I got a ton of kills. I got top of lobby and the entire enemy team has Medics and Demomen.
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Tim Timsen (Verbannen) 27 jan 2013 om 2:02nm 
Why didn't you post in one of the already existing ones?
And why capslock?

Reflecting a Huntsman arrow into a rocket jumping Soldier.
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SharkWithALaserBeam 27 jan 2013 om 2:05nm 
assisted suicide on a demo.
Sniper headshot instant 150.
Demo stickyjumps at that same moment and plummets to the ground breaking his cankles.
Had me cracking up for the round as i was called a hacker aftwards.
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Nuclear Kangaroo 27 jan 2013 om 2:05nm 
too many to count, the first one that comes to mind was one kill i got this halloween

as a pyro a reflected a soldier's rocket back to him, lauching him into the air and then hit him with the reserve shooter, killing him

the taunt after that was nessesary
PlebNC (UK) 27 jan 2013 om 2:13nm 
my favourite moment is one that happens alot when i play demoman. an enemy sees me and pursues me as i run away (usually a pyro). as i round a corner i place a set of stickys on the corner on the floor, just out of view of my pursuer, then wait for then to run close to them and BOOM!
w00di 27 jan 2013 om 2:16nm 
I deflected a baseball from a scouts sandman into an enemy sniper, killing him.

Also i had a fifty seven killstreak from using a medic, and a beggars bazooka in 2fort.

Both on 2fort
Laatst bewerkt door w00di; 30 jan 2013 om 4:39nm
ᴰᵉᶜᵏSmashHD 27 jan 2013 om 2:30nm 
Its a tie between:
18 kill streak as soldier
The time i played as heavy on pl_thundermountain and never died once
X~ 27 jan 2013 om 3:00nm 
Killing the boss on FF2 with a Bushwacka at 2K HP Boss
Sentient_Toaster 27 jan 2013 om 3:49nm 
Probably destroying a sentry with its own rockets.

Either that, or interrupting an ubercharged heavy/medic pair's invulnerability through killing the medic by knocking him back into one of Sawmill's eponymous saw blades. The ubercharge, it does nothing. ;)
RAZ 28 jan 2013 om 4:30nm 
First month of me playing or so i got ripped off i traded a few hats for 20 crates which i thought was a great deal. I bought 3 keys and managed to get a unusual ze goggles out of the 3rd.
wB-NeOo`#QPAD 28 jan 2013 om 4:54nm 
mine was when i played with kootra
The Wild West Pyro 28 jan 2013 om 5:36nm 
Mann vs Machine- Coal Town.

The tank was weakened, but it was just about to drop the bomb. I ran out with my Shotgun, blasted it with three shots and it blew up in my face. We got a pile of money, I saved my team from losing the round and they thanked me endlessly for the next 150 seconds.
SilvertaildFox 29 jan 2013 om 7:53vm 
sniper carried the australium, i rocketjumped up the lift about the same time the lid started opening, launched the sniper in the air and finished him of above the lid, a few moments later the australium was spinning along with the lid
midgetman173 30 jan 2013 om 3:23nm 
Probably Offblast.
I think I was F2P when this happened: It was arena mode, and I was one of the last people alive. (Pyro) I walked around a corner, and I immediately saw a demoman with 8 stickies a safe distance away from him. My spidey-senses must have been tingling, because I instantly airblasted the stickies into the demo, letting him blow himself up. I immediately died afterwards because there were still so many people on the other team, but I still remember that one amazing kill.
Dank Noodle Soup 30 jan 2013 om 4:54nm 
probably my 100th market gardener kill. takes a long time of trolldiering to get there. either that or my first market gardener kill on an airborne soldier
Matt Damon In A Grape Suit 30 jan 2013 om 4:57nm 
Blind Random Crit from a pipe gun, hits two scouts on sawmill, saved the game. That was my MOG from last week.

Best so far? (that comes to mind)

capping the 2 section of egypt as a medic, killing 5 people with my needle gun. Including a medic/soldier
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