Team Fortress 2
I've just realized I've smelted my huntsman.
Now I need a new one!!!
Does any one have one?
If so, I'll trade a shortstop or ???
Check my Inventory,
Peace out!!!
P.S. Who ever gives me the Huntsman will be my freind!!!
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A Dud 26. tammi, 2013 13.26 
Not a place to trade.
Seriously, are all of you guys blind or something? Read the pinned thread that says "NO TRADING"
jetjet 26. tammi, 2013 13.27 
Ironically you need to be friend to trade in this case.
Anyway as the comment above, no trade here.
gimme a bud and its yours
SharkWithALaserBeam lähetti viestin:
gimme a bud and its yours
Sorry, I dont have them...
im srry i cannot give you mine but its simple to re-unlock it
Oh, I first got after I achived Sniper Mistloe 1.
then smelted it into scrap metal.... So how do get it???
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