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cyde 2013年1月26日上午1:11
Shoestring Budget - Unequipable?
Title of the discussion says it all. Anyone else not able to equip their soldier's shoestring budget anymore? I really wanted to be a robot today, beep boop...
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Daxn 2013年1月26日上午1:17 
You don't see in in gameplay or you can't equip it at all? If it's the first, it's because is not full moon
cyde 2013年1月26日上午1:20 
I can't equip it at all. And last time I checked you can still equip full moon items at the moment. When I try to equip it, it stays greyed out.
2↓st Sentry Gentleman 2013年1月26日上午1:31 
Conflicting equip regions.

You can't wear them along with the Gunboats/Mantreads/Tooth Kickers.

Easily spoken: Only 1 pair of shoes at the time.
最后由 2↓st Sentry Gentleman 编辑于; 2013年1月26日上午1:32
正在显示第 1 - 3 条,共 3 条留言
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