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Pancakei 2013年1月24日 13時02分
Possible edit to airblast
I think that valve should change the airblast so that it acts like the FaN so that the pyro must have a small time before the airblasted (juggeled) player cant be pushed again for that time
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ahaha 2013年1月24日 13時04分 
Uhh... You do know there's already an delay time between airblasts, right?
TheGoodTheBadAndTheGibus (banned) 2013年1月24日 13時27分 
How else are pyros supposed to stop DR spies?
Sandvich is Spy 2013年1月24日 13時42分 
no... i think the airblast is fine... multiple rocket reflects are hard enough as is...
Pancakei 2013年1月24日 14時30分 
im not talking about rockets, im talking about juggling
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