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Buce Jan 23, 2013 @ 7:28pm
Free Mapping Service (Apprentice Map Maker)
Hello, Im fireapple9 and Im a "Apprentice" map maker, meaning that Im currently working on getting better at maps in Source SDK, pretty much all source games, especially Team Fortress 2.

I'm currently in a state where I can make maps in an alright amount of time, however I would like to get practice in certain types of maps.

Thats where you come in!

I'm taking requests for maps to be created, and as a reward for if they are completed, I will give you private access to the map for purposes of: Fun, Servers, etc.
Heres the requirements:
1. You must be a bit specific about the map. If you cant put the information into a single post, feel free to add me and we can discuss it through a chat.
2. The map CANNOT contain custom textures, custom props/details, or anything of that matter.
3. Please do not get upset if the map doesnt get completed, and you dont get any private access to it, and ESPECIALLY don't get mad if you dont like the map, because I have already stated, I am still a "Apprentice" when it comes to maps.
4. Last but NOT LEAST, do not ask me to make a map of incomprehensible size. I will do my best, but its not going to be like 15390853028532 by 38052803585320 or anything like that.

One last thing: I cannot give you official release time for the map, for I dont know when the maps will be done. Once its finished, Ill try to comment on your profile.

Thank you!
Date Posted: Jan 23, 2013 @ 7:28pm
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