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Player 1 + Player 2 (已封禁) 2013年1月23日下午4:34
Two Secondnaries
Why not make Preuims have 2 Secondnaries so there something good for Preuims and sorry for my bad spelling
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Orange Bitflip 2013年1月23日下午4:39 
Sentient_Toaster 2013年1月23日下午7:06 
Nope. Premiums already have something good: they can trade, and they have larger backpacks.
Zyroxeon 2013年1月23日下午7:09 
SMASH lfhl scout 2013年1月23日下午7:20 
Imagine pyros having Degreaser+Flare gun+Reserve shooter+Axtinguisher combo, mother of god...even worse Demoknight with both shields D:
Gangrene Toe Loss 2013年1月23日下午7:23 
How about NO?
Zyroxeon 2013年1月23日下午7:24 
Scattergun + Bonk + Crit-A-Cola + Fish = :)
Foxy the Pirate 2013年1月23日下午7:30 
It would be cool to be able to use Jarate with the Croc-o-Style kit.
AND 2013年1月23日下午7:39 
this would be fun for like 2-3 hours, and then end up being incredibly frustrating...
Medics with Über and kritz
demos with normal stickybomb launcher and scottish resistance
Lando.Fitzgerald 2013年1月23日下午7:50 
Sticky launcher and festive sticky? you da best!
Player 1 + Player 2 (已封禁) 2013年1月24日下午1:47 
Jeez all the nos are F2P
Mucinex 2013年1月24日下午2:02 
Jeez all the nos are F2P
No they're not.
System 32 2013年1月24日下午2:05 
Jeez all the nos are F2P
So you suggest an idea that will break the game, and then no one agrees with you so you call them f2p.
Character 2013年1月24日下午2:28 
this thread is an example of F2P hate because now the F2P update has existed for 3 years, everybody has stopped whining and crying to valve about it, and now you want to make TF2 a P2W game, which, btw, would make it pretty terrible cause valve had the decency to give you a choice of whether you would fork over cash to get the items or wait for them
Orange Bitflip 2013年1月24日下午2:39 
Jeez all the nos are F2P
I have many tradable hats and one very boring baseball cap that doesn't have a truck on it.
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