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Player 1 + Player 2 (禁止済) 2013年1月23日 16時34分
Two Secondnaries
Why not make Preuims have 2 Secondnaries so there something good for Preuims and sorry for my bad spelling
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Orandbit 2013年1月23日 16時39分 
Sentient_Toaster 2013年1月23日 19時06分 
Nope. Premiums already have something good: they can trade, and they have larger backpacks.
Zyroxeon 2013年1月23日 19時09分 
SMASH 2013年1月23日 19時20分 
Imagine pyros having Degreaser+Flare gun+Reserve shooter+Axtinguisher combo, mother of god...even worse Demoknight with both shields D:
Steem is kill 2013年1月23日 19時23分 
How about NO?
Zyroxeon 2013年1月23日 19時24分 
Scattergun + Bonk + Crit-A-Cola + Fish = :)
Foxy the Pirate 2013年1月23日 19時30分 
It would be cool to be able to use Jarate with the Croc-o-Style kit.
AND 2013年1月23日 19時39分 
this would be fun for like 2-3 hours, and then end up being incredibly frustrating...
Medics with Über and kritz
demos with normal stickybomb launcher and scottish resistance
Lando.Fitzgerald 2013年1月23日 19時50分 
Sticky launcher and festive sticky? you da best!
Player 1 + Player 2 (禁止済) 2013年1月24日 13時47分 
Jeez all the nos are F2P
Mucinex 2013年1月24日 14時02分 
YEAH TOAST! の投稿を引用:
Jeez all the nos are F2P
No they're not.
System 32 2013年1月24日 14時05分 
YEAH TOAST! の投稿を引用:
Jeez all the nos are F2P
So you suggest an idea that will break the game, and then no one agrees with you so you call them f2p.
Face-melting Kappa 2013年1月24日 14時28分 
this thread is an example of F2P hate because now the F2P update has existed for 3 years, everybody has stopped whining and crying to valve about it, and now you want to make TF2 a P2W game, which, btw, would make it pretty terrible cause valve had the decency to give you a choice of whether you would fork over cash to get the items or wait for them
Orandbit 2013年1月24日 14時39分 
YEAH TOAST! の投稿を引用:
Jeez all the nos are F2P
I have many tradable hats and one very boring baseball cap that doesn't have a truck on it.
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