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Glock Blocked 2013年1月21日 20時27分
Having problems with install
Hi have limited internet so i cant download tf2 directly but i have it on another computer, how do i put the tf2 files on a usb then transfer them to another computer? Any help appreciated!
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SharkWithALaserBeam 2013年1月21日 20時31分 
if you have it on another computer, most likely it will be outdated and need an update. So your connection will still be interupted :|
Glock Blocked 2013年1月21日 20時32分 
k thanks
sm0 2013年1月22日 0時08分 
How do you know it's outdated? He didn't said the other computer is inactive.

Here's a how-to.

Go to steam folder (Usually located in C:\program files(x86)\steam\)
Copy steamapps folder to USB / Other disk

Update: Converted to steampipe, TF2 is now located in the 'common' folder.

Go to steam 'common' folder (Usually located in C:\program files(x86)\steam\common)
Copy 'Team Fortress 2' folder to USB / Other disk
Paste it on other computer in the same folder.

If the content doesn't fit on your media, split the files or just copy the GCF files that are located in /steamapps/

Edits to make this post relevant again.
最近の変更はsm0が行いました; 2013年7月17日 14時48分
Glock Blocked 2013年1月22日 0時42分 
thank you your help is very much appreciated
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