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almiller2 2013年1月21日 16時59分
demolition men are not op
Let me say a few things spam, spam, and more SPAM. they are a class for a trigger happy noob or a real pro of tf2
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SharkWithALaserBeam 2013年1月21日 17時01分 
Peelzzz here
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Mucinex 2013年1月21日 17時01分 
says they're a noob class
says they're for pros

TF2 community logic.
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Zyroxeon 2013年1月21日 17時03分 
almiller2 2013年1月21日 17時14分 
I said that they are for either
poptarts 2013年1月21日 17時16分 
I still don't know what your opinion on demomen are.
Mucinex 2013年1月21日 17時19分 
Sandvich の投稿を引用:
I still don't know what your opinion on demomen are.
their op but not
poptarts 2013年1月21日 17時20分 
funguy の投稿を引用:
their op but not

That really didn't help at all.
Mucinex 2013年1月21日 17時20分 
Sandvich の投稿を引用:
funguy の投稿を引用:
their op but not

That really didn't help at all.
i know it didnt but it did?
almiller2 2013年1月22日 3時42分 
i have thought it over they are epic in the right hands and a pain in she ars if a spamer has it
almiller2 2013年1月22日 3時44分 
sorry the [misstype]
TBAGtv 2013年1月22日 4時07分 
There should be a set timelimit for demoman's sticky's just to offset the demoman's ability to camp certain areas. It is bad enough one gets killed by 5 sentries for one CP or entering a certain room for intel cap. Seriously you gotta deal with a camping demoman as well 60% of the time.

Am I saying the Demoman is op-no I'm just saying that certain situations are beyond exploitation and those exploitations should be dealt with.

I say a timelimit for a demoman's stickybombs (all of them) would be nice. A legitimate timelimit where he can still function properly with his stickies but not to the point that he's just camping the same spot repeatedly practically exploiting his ability-just saying.
almiller2 2013年1月22日 4時09分 
it would be hilareus as a unknown update
Gengur 2013年1月22日 6時06分 
Demomen are NOT OP. As are every other class. It all boils down to the person's skill in Demo, that makes him really OP. The class itself isn't.
almiller2 2013年1月22日 14時55分 
Nuclear Hobbit 2013年1月22日 20時42分 
Demomen is not an op class, however, the way the DAM187[TTOP] described, is what is wrong with the class.
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