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panda na varanda 2013年1月21日 8時23分
What is the best scattergun to you?
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girdurloins 2013年1月21日 8時29分 
It's been a while since I last played the scout but I had the most luck with the stock. The Force-A-Nature is a beast but I never was really good with it.
SharkWithALaserBeam 2013年1月21日 8時30分 
stock. No bs straight skill
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4 9 4 7 3 8 2 2013年1月21日 8時41分 
Six shots, no useless gimmicks - vanilla Scattergun is my way to go.

There are situations where the others come in handy but all in all, they just don't stand up against the stock Scattergun.
smash 2013年1月21日 8時45分 
The stock scattergun is flawless, it packs enormous power when used at it's best and is very forgiving.
S.P.H 2013年1月21日 8時48分 
Stock is the most effective, and the Baby Face Blaster is the most fun to use.
xenolego 2013年1月21日 8時51分 
Stock, but the shortstop is sometimes fun to use.
Cheesellama only lives once 2013年1月21日 8時53分 
I really love my BFB and shortstop, especially since they're great at keeping your distance from dangerous targets.
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System 32 2013年1月21日 8時56分 
Stock will always be the best one, but the Shortstop and Baby's Face, are probably the next best thing
big groove 2013年1月21日 9時19分 
Vanilla Stock Scatter. No doubt, best scattergun. BFB is good on a few maps.
TheGoodTheBad&TheGibus (禁止済) 2013年1月21日 9時21分 
I think stock, but i usually use the force cus its my only strange scout primary and has been a long time since ive used it. Prob switch back to stock soon.
Psychologicreate 2013年1月21日 9時22分 
I've always liked the FoN but if I ever get too good, I get called 'someone one with an op wep'. It really isnt that great, i just like watching people get shot backwards :P
JosephPlays 2013年1月21日 9時24分 
i've always been better with the soda popper.
Salsa Dip 2013年1月21日 9時27分 
Stock, and I jump around like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ idiot when I'm Scout so the Baby Face's Blaster doesn't work well with me.
Salsa Dip 2013年1月21日 9時28分 
spas-tic isn't a bad word, what the hell steam
The Thlot Pickens 2013年1月21日 9時29分 
soda popper
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1-15 / 47 のコメントを表示
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