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ShredderZX 20/jan/2013 às 18:39
You're gonna want to see this...
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Gangrene Toe Loss 20/jan/2013 às 18:44 
Oh god my lungs

This is the best thing I've ever seen. Thank you, OP.
ShredderZX 20/jan/2013 às 19:01 
According to, 300 Spartans is equivalent to 498 refined metal (if I did the math right). Also according to, his entire bp is valued at around 300 ref. Ooh....
cheesellama_thedevil 20/jan/2013 às 19:22 
God of ebil 24/jan/2013 às 20:55 
Zyroxeon 24/jan/2013 às 21:01 
I saw one guy who was selling 300 frying pans for a Buds
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