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[Adapt] precrime3 2013年1月20日 18時23分
MTwelveGaming youtbe channel gone?
this discussion is not here. whenver i click on the comments notiication it brings me to his page. It has "disappeared" any of the admins know where it is? Thanks!
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poptarts 2013年1月20日 18時24分 
I don't know who that is.
[Adapt] precrime3 2013年1月21日 7時28分 
Oh its my channel. I can see this one, but not the other one... Strange let me try checking the other discussion
[Adapt] precrime3 2013年1月21日 7時29分 
Nope. when i click the comment notification for the otehr discussion it sends me to this url:
Tim Timsen (禁止済) 2013年1月21日 7時50分 
Because self-advertising is against the rules.
Read them before you post stuff.
[Adapt] precrime3 2013年1月21日 11時27分 
Oh. Sorry. I searched youubte channels in discussions and saw a plethora of discussions saying My Youtube Channel and wanted to get mine noticed as well.
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