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NEW FEATURE DISCUSSION: Crafting Crates Into Metal
Hey, so I've been thinking about TF2 alot lately, and I was wondering: Should Valve allow crates to be crafted into metal at something like 3 for 1 scrap (to make it more fair)? Because otherwise they just sit in your backpack or get deleted (for most of us). What's your input?
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SharkWithALaserBeam 19. tammi, 2013 22.47 
No because
  • Crates don't take up from the drop system so you can get as many as you want.
  • Will harm the Mannconomy because its treated as a business.
  • You're essentially dergrading the value of metal as it becomes more common thus the demand for it shrinks.
Nice idea though too bad it won't work
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IF 20. tammi, 2013 17.48 
I think its a good idea... But it should be something like 10-17 crates for 1 scrap metal
lapis lazuli 20. tammi, 2013 18.22 
Sometimes people will buy 5-10 crates (Depending on type) for a scrap.
KFC Bankrupt 20. tammi, 2013 19.06 
Sell them to the marketplace for a penny, I put all 20 of mine up for sale, eventually, they all disappeared.
Cheesellama 20. tammi, 2013 19.23 
I think its a good idea... But it should be something like 10-17 crates for 1 scrap metal

Make it 20 and it sounds good to me.
So I Herd Yu Leik Medkits 18. elo, 2013 17.38 
Yes, its a great idea, just don't make it too many or too few crates.
TheGoodTheBad&TheGibus (Porttikiellossa) 18. elo, 2013 17.47 
Just what the economy needs, more metal. Isn't this what people who know their stuff about this say increases key prices?
Also gj on necroing a 7 month old thread.
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