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Eclipse 19 jan 2013 om 10:42nm
NEW FEATURE DISCUSSION: Crafting Crates Into Metal
Hey, so I've been thinking about TF2 alot lately, and I was wondering: Should Valve allow crates to be crafted into metal at something like 3 for 1 scrap (to make it more fair)? Because otherwise they just sit in your backpack or get deleted (for most of us). What's your input?
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SharkWithALaserBeam 19 jan 2013 om 10:47nm 
No because
  • Crates don't take up from the drop system so you can get as many as you want.
  • Will harm the Mannconomy because its treated as a business.
  • You're essentially dergrading the value of metal as it becomes more common thus the demand for it shrinks.
Nice idea though too bad it won't work
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Len Kagamine 20 jan 2013 om 5:48nm 
I think its a good idea... But it should be something like 10-17 crates for 1 scrap metal
Hula Burger 20 jan 2013 om 6:22nm 
Sometimes people will buy 5-10 crates (Depending on type) for a scrap.
KFC Bankrupt 20 jan 2013 om 7:06nm 
Sell them to the marketplace for a penny, I put all 20 of mine up for sale, eventually, they all disappeared.
cheesellama_thedevil 20 jan 2013 om 7:23nm 
Origineel geplaatst door Shadow(馬鹿)�Bomber2999�:
I think its a good idea... But it should be something like 10-17 crates for 1 scrap metal

Make it 20 and it sounds good to me.
gvasvdb 18 aug 2013 om 5:38nm 
Yes, its a great idea, just don't make it too many or too few crates.
TheGoodTheBad&TheGibus (Verbannen) 18 aug 2013 om 5:47nm 
Just what the economy needs, more metal. Isn't this what people who know their stuff about this say increases key prices?
Also gj on necroing a 7 month old thread.
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